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Free-standing and self-supported steel industrial chimney adapted to every (situations and operation) conditions which main advantage is assembly speed: 1 hour

Double-wall insulated smoke flue

Duct consisting in two concentric cylindrical walls separated by a layer of insulating material.

Dynamic vibration damper

In collaboration with the CETIM BEIRENS SAS has developed this technique of eliminating problems due to vibrations and reduce loads on the structure. It offers economic benefits for the construction and civil engineering. It is very suitable for stacks located in seismic zones

Embedded anchor

Welded element embedded in a concrete base that can receive the stack base and can stand the various stresses induced by the weight and wind action.

Explosion relief valve

Valve that can instantaneously reduce overpressures caused by explosions in ducts.

Free-standing chimney

Chimney which base keeps the structure perfectly stable thanks to embedded anchors. Installed inside/outside building.

Guy-wired chimney

Stability provided through anchoring to the ground with recovery by guy wires.

Industrial chimney

Work allowing the discharge of gas combustion smokes (gas, heating oil, fuel oil, wood, coal, biogas or biomass) for district heating, industrial processes, power generation of thermal origin.


Lining consists in introducing a steel flue in an existing smoke flue. Lining is required in every case of ducts being too large, non gastight, cracked and showing risks of fire, condensation or bad draught (eg sizing).

Multi-flue chimney

Chimney comprising several flues liners incorporated into a structural shell.

Multigigogne chimney

Multi-flue chimney comprising decreasing size ducts (up to 5 ducts) inside each other, allowing a large space savings, financial savings, energy savings, reducing heat reflection and noise reverberations in compliance with legislation.

Self-supported / Tied chimney

Chimney on which wind stress can be absorbed by connection with a support enabling free expansion of this flue. Installed inside/outside building.

Single-wall smoke flue

Duct consisting in only one cylindrical wall

Supporting shell

Shell gathering and supporting one or several smoke flues

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