Accueil 9 Exhaust & smoke treatment

Exhaust & smoke treatment

Poujoulat Heating & Power by Beirens has the know-how to convey, filter and valorise industrial fumes.

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete exhaust systems.



acoustic treatment

energy recovery & filtration



ChemInnov® is a standardised industrial chimney used for all types of generators and fuels. Available in diameters from 200 to 800 mm and made of stainless steel, it has a wide range of customisation options (paint, decorations, logo, etc.).

The + of the solution:

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Competitiveness
    • Short delivery times
    • Wide range of aesthetic choices


Therm+GEP is an exhaust solution suitable for the evacuation of combustion products from emergency power generators and can be used in a variety of environments such as hospitals and data centres. Suitable for internal or external installation, Therm+GEP can be combined with the Excilence solution to reduce noise emissions.

The + of the solution:

  • Pre-assembled seals in the factory
  • Reliability
  • Competitiveness
  • Up to 600°C and 5000 Pa

Single flue

The single flue chimney is a single envelope chimney for all types of process, smoke, fumes, etc. It is available up to a diameter of 4500mm.

For larger diameters, please contact us.

The + of the solution:

  • Wide choice of equipment (platforms, ladders, etc.)
  • Custom-made chimney sized according to the type of generators
  • Wide choice of finishes and decors
  • Various materials and insulation options
  • All types of stability


    The outer structure of the double-wall chimney ensures the stability of the structure and the inner liner allows the extraction of the smoke. Thus, mechanical stresses are separated from thermal stresses and acid attacks.

    The + of the solution:

    • Excellent durability of the structure
    • Technical response to legislative and environmental constraints
    • Adaptation of the flue material to the operating conditions


    The multi-flue chimney is composed of several flues integrated into a supporting structure. The multi-flue solution is the regulatory and aesthetic answer on sites with multiple generators and fuels.

    The + of the solution:

      • Perfectly controlled stability
      • Easy to control and maintain
      • Wide choice of customisations (colours, coverings, screen printing, etc.)


    The gigogne chimney is a type of multi-flue chimney consisting of interlocking concentric pipes.

      The + of the solution:

        • Space saving, while respecting the legislation
        • Competitiveness and financial savings
        • Easy integration

      Flue lining

      Flue lining is the process of renovating an existing chimney or duct by inserting new flue pipes.

      The + of the solution:

      • Preservation of the existing architecture
      • Adaptability of the solution


      Modular system

      The single and double wall modular flue can be used to create a flue gas evacuation network by interlocking. Whether indoors or outdoors, the modular solution fits perfectly into any environment, such as commercial buildings, district heating or industry.

        The + of the solution:

          • No thermal bridges
          • 360° rotation
          • Condensation proof
          • Customisable finish

        Made-to-measure system

        100% hermetic thanks to continuous welding, our ducts are made to measure, in full compliance with the legislation in force.

        From diameter 200 mm to 4500 mm, our ducts can be connected to any type of generator and work with any fuel.

        For larger diameters, please contact us.

        The + of the solution:

          • Up to diameter 4500 mm
          • 100% tightness guaranteed
          • Thermo-aerodynamic optimisation

        Acoustic treatment


        Excilence is a standardised silencer combining absorptive and reactive technologies to achieve significant sound attenuation over a wide acoustic spectrum (200 to 2000 Hertz) with a reduction of at least 15 decibels. A series installation of Excilence silencers will achieve a greater reduction in noise level.

          The + of the solution:

          • High performance at low, medium and high frequencies
          • Low pressure drop
          • Vertical or horizontal installation

          Reactive silencer


          The reactive silencer consists of two expansion chambers connected by a tuning tube. This device attenuates the low frequency noise commonly found at the boiler outlet.

          The + of the solution:

            • Very good performance at low frequencies
            • Tailor-made for every need
            • Low pressure drop

          Absorptive silencer


          A series of baffles providing optimum noise absorption due to a large contact area. This type of silencer is recommended for attenuating the noise levels of fans and turbines.

            The + of the solution:

              • Very good acoustic performance
              • Mechanical strength
              • Sized according to the sound levels to be achieved

            Removable baffles

            Variation of the classic baffle silencer. Optimal solution for solid fuels as the baffles can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

            The + of the solution:

              • Easy to maintain
              • Very good acoustic performance
              • Mechanical strength

            Reactive & absorptive silencer

            The use of reactive and absorptive technologies allows to cover a wider frequency range. The technology of this silencer allows it to achieve high noise attenuation on generators.

              The + of the solution:

                • Low, medium and high frequency acoustic performance
                • Good resistance to thermal and mechanical stress
                • Low pressure drop

              Energy recovery & filtration


              Poujoulat Heating & Power by Beirens integrates the TerraoSave solution, a direct exchanger-washer between gas and water allowing at the same time a filtration of the pollutants and a thermal energy recovery by condensation. The TerraoSave solution can be implemented in new projects or revamping and is used to heat or preheat air or water.

              Each TerraoSave module is able to treat up to 5000 m3/h of flue gas. The standardised modules can be installed in series for increased efficiency.


              The + of the solution:

                • Standardised and adjustable system
                • Compact solution
                • Return on investment
                • High availability rate
                • Multi-pollutant filtration
                • Easy to operate
                • Environmental approach
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